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Google adds site speed as a factor in PageRank

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Google announced on their official webmaster central blog that they have added the speed (=how fast a website loads for the end user) as a factor in their calculations for a site’s page rank.

Google state in their blog that this change will only affect “fewer than 1% of the search queries”. Given that Google has about 91’000’000 search queries a day, “fewer than 1%” is still “fewer than 910’000” search queries – which is quite a lot.

If you own a webserver on your own, like me, you may be worried that websites of you / y0ur customers might be negatively affected by the change. But don’t panic: Testing and improving the speed of your websites is actually very simple.

  • Step 1: Install FireBug, a FireFox extension.
  • Step 2: Install Page Speed, an extension for FireBug.
  • Step 3: Test the websites you wish to improve and follow the instructions of FireBug/Page Speed (=adjust code or webserver config).

See, that wasn’t that difficult, was it?

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2010/04/11 at 23:15

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