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Spirit – the jailbreak for the iPad

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Today the Dev-Team has released their latest stroke of genius: Spirit is the name of the latest untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Before you jailbreak your device you should take two steps:

  1. Save the SHSH blob of your device. To do so you either have to download the necessary tool for Windows or Mac or edit your hosts file (/etc/hosts) to point “” to “” (Saurik’s server)
  2. Perform a full backup with iTunes! Especially if you’re trying to jailbreak your iPad – the whole procedure as well as Cydia on iPad is still considered beta.

Then go to and download the jailbreak application for Mac or Windows. The jailbreak itself is as easy as one single click.

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2010/05/03 at 15:46

How to download / buy iPad Apps that are unavailable outside the U.S.

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That was a big buzzkill yesterday at first: After I unwrapped the iPad and did the first few touches on its beautiful glistening screen, I had to realize that in my country the App Store for the iPad is unavailable until the official launch (whenever that will be…).

A solution was quickly found, with a $ gift card or certificate you can open an account in the US-Apple Store. I just opened another account on an address of a relative in the US. For everyone who isn’t lucky enough to have a relative or friend in the states you can open it  to an imaginary address. Although I have no idea how legal or illegal that is, so you might want to check that first before doing something illicit. I won’t write any stupid disclaimer here, you’re a big boy/girl.

These gift cards can be acquired on eBay, just do a search on your local eBay site. Searching for “US apple gift certificate” on should give you similar results like this:

Search results for "US apple gift certificate" on ebay

Search results

If you don’t want to wait for your code take a vendor who scans the codes and mails it to you – worked pretty well for me, I had the code in less than 15 minutes.

Next step is, after changing the country by accepting the terms and condition of the US, to enter your coupon code next to “REDEEM COUPON CODE” or similar and select “none” under the payment methods.

That’s it, you should be able to have access to all the sweet iPad apps available now! Have fun and keep this trick in mind for future Apple products.

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2010/04/25 at 20:58

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Apple releases new ‘tablet netbook’ called iPad

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On yesterday’s Apple-Keynote the highly anticipated Apple Tablet named iPad had been released. The usual downtime (some people also call it the ‘drumroll’) of the Apple online shop failed to appear, instead you can have a look at the iPad on

As it looks from there the device is rather an oversized iPod touch than a real Mac, but the name already suggests that. This comes with the advantage that you have access to thousands of apps already available in the AppStore. But nevertheless it seems to lack usb ports, which I find to be rather annoying when you want to transfer big files because with bluetooth or wifi this takes an eternety. Not to mention that bluetooth filetransfer could be blocked by the firmware like in other Apple devices. A camera is not built in but can be added via the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the device. Lastly, I really hope there will be a compatible pen available so you can eg. take hand written notes or letters.

When the iPad is available for purchase there will definitely be more articles on it. For now I’ll leave you with some impressions from the iPad:

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2010/01/28 at 12:42

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