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Google adds site speed as a factor in PageRank

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Google announced on their official webmaster central blog that they have added the speed (=how fast a website loads for the end user) as a factor in their calculations for a site’s page rank.

Google state in their blog that this change will only affect “fewer than 1% of the search queries”. Given that Google has about 91’000’000 search queries a day, “fewer than 1%” is still “fewer than 910’000” search queries – which is quite a lot.

If you own a webserver on your own, like me, you may be worried that websites of you / y0ur customers might be negatively affected by the change. But don’t panic: Testing and improving the speed of your websites is actually very simple.

  • Step 1: Install FireBug, a FireFox extension.
  • Step 2: Install Page Speed, an extension for FireBug.
  • Step 3: Test the websites you wish to improve and follow the instructions of FireBug/Page Speed (=adjust code or webserver config).

See, that wasn’t that difficult, was it?

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2010/04/11 at 23:15

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Google plans on releasing a tablet PC running Chromium os

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The new Google Chromium Tablet PC

Looks like a few days after the presentation of the Apple iPad, Google published some design studies of their very own tablet pc. The drafts on their page are still very vague, but it certainly looks very promising:

The idea of a 10-finger compatible virtual keyboard would definitely be a relief for a lot of frequent pc users

Check out all the pictures and a video simulation at

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2010/02/03 at 21:42